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Full details of the Opening Hours can be found lower down on this page - clicking on this line will take you there.

The Wheel Alehouse is now open again.
Monday to Friday: 1700 - 2100
Saturday/Sunday: 1200 - 2200
During these hours, drinking at the pub (subject to numbers & social distancing) will be available - as will TakeOuts

Deliveries are available, 1100-1630 & 2130-2230, throughout the week
On weekends, these are available 1100-1145 (AND 1145-2230, subject to staff availablity
Order for delivery from The Wheel are placed at Birchington Beer

The Real Ale House, sorry the 'Wheel Alehouse', is Birchington's first real ale micropub.


Awards - RNLI

The Wheel Ale House is an active supporter of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI). ALL of the quiz entry fees are donated to the RNLI. The customers also often put loose change in the RNLI collection boat as well - so much so, that within six months of starting to collect for the RNLI, The Wheel was awarded a plaque for the highest donations in the area for the previous YEAR! The plaque is proudly displayed on the wall of the pub.


Famous Customers

The Wheel Ale House has been visited, on more than one occasion, by Sir Roger Gale MP. Sir Roger is the local MP and is fully committed to helping small, local business in his constituency.

The Wheel has had a few less 'famous' visitors - people who have served in Royal and Merchant Navy and a number of members of the RNLI

On one visit, Sir Roger, accompanied by Captain Graham Wallin (Retired, Merchant Navy), had a very enjoyable time and took great pleasure looking at Alan's photographs of when he was in the Royal Navy. Sir Roger has visited on various occasions (more than once with Captain Wallin) - rumour has it that Roger has even bought one of the Wheel Alehouse's t-Shirts!!


One Year Old

The Wheel was opened on the 11th of March 2013 and held a first birthday party of Saturday, 15th March 2014.


Wind Up

The Wheel turned one of the 11th March 2013 - but Alan (landlord) was away on holiday, abroad, playing golf on that date.
As a result, a few of the locals decided to play a little trick on Alan!
The website was adjusted so that is said that, on the night of the 11th March, all ales were just £1/pint - and through a touch of clever web-site trickery, that message only displayed if you were viewing the site from abroad.
With the help of Pete (landlord of the Bake and Alehouse micropub in Westgate) and Graham (barman during Alan's holiday) we made sure that Alan visited the site - and he saw that it was advertising ales at just £1/pint.
To say that Alan blew a fuse, exploded and nearly had a heart attack would be about right - luckily for Alan, Graham's wife came to Alan's rescue and got her husband to tell Alan what we'd done (after a couple of days of torture!!).


Ice Bucket Challenge

As well as being a regular donator to the RNLI, on Sunday 7th September, four of the regulars did an Ice Bucket Challenge.
They were Sam Child, The Ginger Tosser, Carl Phillips and The Funky Gibbon.
The Wheel raised an additional £130 for the RNLI doing this.



The Wheel Ale House is located on Station Road, in Birchington-on-Sea in Kent - if you don't know the area, Station Road is Birchington's 'High Street'.

Traveling through Birchington, towards Minnis Bay, the pub is about half way along the street, on the left, between the two Co-Op supermarkets.



The Wheel is currently open every evening during the week, and all day at the weekend

Opening Hours:

Monday: 1700 - 2100

Tuesday: 1700 - 2100

Wednesday: 1700 - 2100

Thursday: 1700 - 2100

Friday: 1700 - 2100

Saturday: 1200 - 2200

Sunday: 1200 - 2200



The Wheel Ale House is somewhat larger than most of the micro-pubs in Thanet, but still classes itself as a micropub and meets with the general requirements of a micro pub - Alcoholic drinks wise, only selling Real Ale, Cider & Wine and Premium Lager.

The Wheel is over two floors - which means that events, such as quizzes and live music, which are held on the upper deck don't take away the micro-pub atmosphere downstairs.


Facilities & Disabled Access

The doorway is 32 inches wide, so it will allow most wheelchairs.

There are two toilets upstairs and a RADAR key is kept downstairs for wheelchair users to be able to use the disabled public toilet located just a couple of minutes away in the Alpha Road Car Park (but TDC might padlock these in the evening).



As the name suggests - there is a strong nautical theme to this establishment. Which is fitting for anywhere on the Isle-of-Thanet as we have the sea very close to the North, East and South (and the Dunkirk Little Ships which rescued thousands of our troops in 1940 were launched from Ramsgate's Royal Harbour - also here on the Island, less than six miles away). Station Road in Birchington is less than half a mile from the beach.


The Name - The Wheel Ale House

Rumour has it that, when Alan was planning to open the pub, he was talking about it, over a few ales, with some friends - who all supported the idea.

As ale consumption increased, the discussion went on to what to call the place. Someone said, just be simple and accurate - call it 'The Real Ale House'.

Another person, maybe a touch inebriated, or maybe just with bad hearing(!), replied - 'Yeth, the Wheel Alehouse sounds a gweat idea'.

And the name stuck.

But this is just a rumour and no names will be disclosed at this time (and no animals or children were harmed in the creating this name).


This Site

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The Wheel Alehouse is located at 60 Station Road, Birchington-on-Sea, Kent. CT7 9RA.

The e-Mail address is alan@thewheelalehouse.com or simply click here to send Alan a message


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